New Launches

Our forthcoming New Launches of fine Fragrance Oils



As the name suggests, Ruby Oudh is a jewel in Multiflora Oudh collection. It has predominantly, honeyed sweetness and freshness of woods. It is also Animalic and Musky.

It is no doubt very long lasting , with a ethereal feeling.


Covers the great Spicy and other hidden aspects of Oudh. The Fragrance is resinous with also Saffron like , which connects greatly with Oudh.

Oudh and Saffron, make a great combination and work beautifully together. The Fragrance is sensational and very resilient.


No doubt Oudh fragrances are not expensive compared to the natural . Our motto is to create and bring, before customers, Oudh fragrances, which are creatively designed , with beautiful and enchanting odour , at the same time, affordable.

Multiflora's Oudh Standard is the most affordable Oudh Fragrance in our wide range of Oudh collection. But it has nonetheless, a very alluring Oudh character and very durable and rugged.


A-1 choice is a floral fine Fragrance with fresh green undertones. Very diffusive and pleasant, with sensual feel. It is young spring like, reminiscent, of a bouquet of flowers with fruity freshness and sweet and subtle softness. A very good Fragrance to make top quality spray perfumes and also useful in various other applications.


Arabian Jasmine has a very attractive and sweet flowery fragrance, typical of the white Jasmine flowers. The Jasmine scent is preferred by many people, as it is highly fragrant and gives a great feeling of goodness on smelling.

Multiflora Arabian Jasmine is a floral Fragrance and a cost effective solution to the very expensive natural. Multiflora Arabian Jasmine Fragrance is useful in various applications like room freshners, Attars, as an ingredient in fine fragrances. Also to enhance the Fragrance value of your existing fragrances. Or even as a stand-alone Fragrance.


Jasmine is called the king of flowers. Multiflora's Chandra Mallika is a sweet and unique fragrance, typical of the Jasmin family. Chandra Mallika is very fragrant, and highly diffusive , reminding of the fragrance of Jasmin flower petals. But it is a very complex flowery composition. It has a very soothing tropical smell .

Multiflora's Chandra Mallika is a Fragrance made at the fraction of the cost of the original oil which is very expensive. Chandra Mallika is a multiple use fragrance suitable for various applications like room freshners, candles, incense sticks, Attars etc.


Multiflora's FLORIENT is an oriental Fragrance with floral aspects. It is very diffusive , resinous and long lasting fragrance. Very pleasant and sweet smelling is a multi use product. FLORIENT makes a great Spray as well as very diffusive for incense sticks.


Ocean breeze: as the name suggests is a very naturally smelling fragrance reminding of the fresh Ozone odour character near a sea. Multiflora's Ocean Breeze incorporates the the feeling of goodness and freshness from a breeze on the sea front. Ocean Breeze is suitable to create an unisex spray fragrance , alluring to everyone . It is also a multi-use Fragrance,suitable for various applications. Long lasting and very substantive and seductive and fulfilling fragrance.

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