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Our motto is to provide beautiful, exotic Fragrances at affordable Prices, for all and enhance the quality of life, through the usage of our Fragrances.

Our Feminine, Masculine and Unisex Fragrance oils are made to provide this experience, which act as a beautiful Aroma, mood enhancer .Of course in today's world, there is now, not much difference left between male and female Fragrance types.A Good Fragrance is a good Fragrance to be enjoyed by everyone.

We have found nowadays that, some strong Fragrances which we thought were suitable for males, are actually enjoyed and appreciated more by females and vice-versa. Some floral fragrance are appreciated more by males. So we can say, use, what you like, as per your choice.

We provide Fragrance oils which can be used in everyday life in some or other form. And make us feel good at a price which is affordable and provide enhancing value which cannot be measured in terms of money.

So folks, please go ahead and enjoy the great fragrance experience.


WHY USE FRAGRANCES :Because the fragrance we like, makes us feel happy, attractive and enhance the quality of our life. Smell is linked to well being. Scents provide great smelling experience, evoke memories and emotions and bring pleasure to everyday work.

HOW TO USE FRAGRANCES IN EVERYDAY LIFE :Our various Fragrance oils can be used in variety of ways, in everyday life and in different applications. Infact Fragrance concentrates create unlimited possibilities of usage in day to day life.

FRAGRANCE CONCENTRATES :Our Fragrances are concentrated non-alcoholic perfume oils, which can be used to bring great value to everyday life.

Our Products have verious applications like:





AVAILABILITY : Our Fragrance Concentrates are available in various Packs through our dealer network, in Major Cities

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