We all know OUDH FRAGRANCE TO BE A VERY Oriental, rich odour value, fragrance, used not only in Indian sub continent and South East Asian and Arabian Countries, but now all over the world.

OOD, OUDH, OUD or AGARWOOD, as it is called is a very long lasting, alluring and a very complex and mysterious fragrance. The natural oil has many aspects, which makes this Product very attractive to use.

The natural OUDH / AGARWOOD OIL is so expensive, that it can be afforded only by the royalty or the very wealthy people. But what about the remaining people, who would also love to use Oudh fragrances ?

For them Multiflora, has created a wide range of OUDH fragrances like :

As already informed, Oudh is a very complex fragrance with different and mysterious aspects.

Multiflora, has tried to unravel this mystery through different Oudh fragrances. Each of our above fragrances is a Oudh /OOD fragrance, but smells differently, incorporating the complexities of OUDH Fragrance.

All these Oudh fragrances, give a different joy, pleasure on using.

The availability along with affordability of our Black OOD No. 3, IceOudh and now newly launched Forest Oudh and Nawab Oud, makes it a Great experience for the lovers of this great product.

So, please come and enjoy the OUDH experience !!!!

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