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We are Mumbai (India) based Fragrance company for last 2 decades. Multiflora is a B to B (business to business) company making Fragrances for Masculine and Feminine spray types. We also manufacture industrial fragrances for products like soaps, cosmetics, detergents, agarbattis (Incense Sticks), Room Freshners, Attar type Perfumes etc. Multiflora is important stop for your fragrance needs and we are committed to offering the best quality for customer satisfaction, Our Fine Fragrance oils, both Masculine and Feminine types are very popular locally and available in ready stock with our dealers, in all major cities.Read More

New Launches

  • Fragrances for agarbatti manufacturer India


  • Fine Fragrances Manufacturer Mumbai

    Lavender Musk

  • Fine Fragrances Manufacturer Mumbai


  • Fine Fragrances Manufacturer Mumbai

    White Iris


  • Fine fragrances

    Fine fragrances

  • Oudh Fragrances

    Oudh Fragrances

  • Incense Sticks / Agarbathies

    Incense Sticks / Agarbathies

  • Fabric Care / Detergents / Laundry

    Fabric Care / Detergents / Laundry

  • Personal care

    Personal care

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    Home Care

  • Candles


  • Air Care /Room Freshner / Car Freshner

    Air Care /Room Freshner / Car Freshner

Oudh fragrances

We all know OUDH FRAGRANCE TO BE A VERY Oriental, rich odour value, fragrance, used not only in Indian sub continent and South East Asian and Arabian Countries, but now all over the world. OOD, OUDH, OUD or AGARWOOD, as it is called is a very long lasting, alluring and a very complex and mysterious fragrance. The natural oil has many aspects, which makes this Product very attractive to use. Read More