Rose Fragrance

Rose is one of the world's best known fragrant flowers. The fragrance exists in the petals of the flowers. There are many varieties of Rose flowers, with differing odour landscape. But a Rose is a Rose is a Rose, by any yardstick and recognised by most people. The fragrance or oil of Rose is extracted from the petals by a process called maceration and solvent extraction and distillation. The odour of Rose is a universally liked phenomenon, and it is needless to add the number of uses of this flower, in its original form or as a Rose oil. The odour of Rose flowers/oil is typical, easily recognisable, exotic. Rose Attar is an important element of Indian and Arabic traditions. Natural Rose oil is one of the component/ingredient of some of the world's top selling fine fragrances. But one one thing is common among all the varieties of Rose oils, that they are all very very expensive and probably beyond the reach of common man. But technology, today is making available ,synthetic Rose fragrances, from the Fragrance houses, who create a typical Rose fragrance from the raw materials available to a Perfumer. The purpose is to make available a Good Rose fragrance ,to people in general, at a price that is affordable. MULTIFLORA is one such fragrance house, that has created TEA ROSE SUPER and Z-ROSE, which is now available to customers. The Odour is very pleasant ,at reasonable price, and customers can use our Rose Fragrances. Rose Fragrance is still popular in modern times and is still universally liked. It is part of many cosmetic,soap and toiletry products.