Jasmine Fragrance

Jasmine is a very fragrant flower plant. Many different varieties of Jasmine exist, with flowers having a different but typical Jasmine odour. The most popular Jasmine flower varieties are SAMBAC and GRANDIFLORUM, which exist throughout India and many other parts of the world like China , Egypt etc. Jasmine flowers are universally known and liked and appreciated. The Jasmine oil , obtained from the flowers is by Pomade or enfleurage process, and solvent extraction. Jasmine flowers/oil, has a very warm, exotic and narcotic odour. The odour is extremely pleasing and creates a feel good factor within ,on smelling. Jasmine in its natural form is a part. Of some of the world's greatest and well known fragrances. But would the oil be affordable to use in everyday life? Considering the cost involved, maybe no. It takes about 1250 kgs of flowers or almost 5 million blossoms to produce One kg of this Jasmine amber Coloured liquid or absolute. Hence fragrance houses create various Jasmine fragrances, similar in odour to the Various varieties of Jasmine and their perfumers create many Jasmine notes from the ingredients available them. Hence technology makes Jasmine affordable to people in general, for them to use in various applications. MULTIFLORA has created Jasmine Petals, a very mellow Jasmine note with fresh and penetrating odour, for the use in general for various applications and a very reasonable price.