Today, perfumes have become a fashion accessory with dozens of them adorning the dressing tables of women who use a different brand to suit each occasion.

Perfumes create an aura around the individual and the fragrance reflects his or her personality. However, the use of fragrances is not restricted to the individual alone; they are used to make his home pleasant too. The various fragrances that have found a name in the ancient verses are those of frankincense and myrrh scents were obtained from specific resins and gums of trees and along with extracts of roses and peppermints were used in ritual oil baths from those times. Egyptians rulers were knowledgeable in formulating and using perfumes.

Oil perfumes were quite popular in Arabic culture and the Arabs extracted these from several materials like Frankincense, Agar wood / Oudh and Roses. Among the plants grown in-house for the making of perfumes, Jasmine was most popular.

The Perfume industry has grown into a multibillion industry with Arabic fragrances playing a major role in it. Even today, Oudh forms an important ingredient in Arabic Fragrances.

The Arabs can be considered to be foremost in promoting the perfume industry and today’s perfume industry owes a lot to them. The Arabs were by nature nomadic traders and they collected several varieties of spices during their travels which went into the making of various Arabic perfumes. Oudh is one such example of Arabic perfume. Oudh is a sweet smelling piece of wood which is also burnt as incense in shops and homes. Natural Oudh Fragrance is very very expensive and almost unaffordable to general public.

MULTIFLORA’S, fragrance oil BLACK OOD No. 3, is a Oudh type Fragrance nearest to the natural. With the demand increasing manifold in the face of declining supplies from the very expensive natural source, Multiflora’s, Black Ood No. 3, is the answer with the regular supply of a consistent quality OUDH type. Multiflora’s Black Ood No. 3, fragrance oil is highly valued for its mysterious and Oriental odour, just like the natural. Black Ood No. 3, fragrance is gorgeous and elegant in character.

We recommend OUDH type Fragrance manufactures to try MULTIFLORA’S BLACK OOD No. 3™. And you will find that the magic of Arabian Fragrances continues.

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