For the lovers of Arabian fragrances, the word Mukhallat may not be new. Mukhallat means mixture of Non – Alcoholic Essential oils and Aroma Ingredients, as against the alcoholic base in perfumes.

Hence Mukhallat, have a quality to capture and retain the fragrance for longer hours. And therefore, it is a common practice in the Arabian nations to use Mukhallat.

Now, every mixture of Essential oils and Aroma Ingredients, will vary and give a different aroma, depending on the mixture and the proportion in which the ingredients are blended. Moreover, when a particular Mukhallat is used, it gives out a sweet, delicate fragrance that simply can’t go unnoticed.

Sweet Mukhallat is the latest addition from Multiflora, the house of perfume makers. After achieving fantastic success with IceOudh and Black Ood No. 3, Multiflora is set to offer customers Sweet Mukhallat.

As the name suggests, Sweet Mukhallat is a blend of sweet, woody fragrant Aroma Ingredients and Essential oils with a class. Though Sweet Mukhallat belongs to the attar type family, yet it has a very sophisticated twist to it, which makes it endearing. This oriental fragrance holds a bit of pleasant surprise.

The perfume has a soft, long lasting diffusive quality.

Multiflora, is manufacturer of Sweet Mukhallat fragrance, available with our wholesale dealers.

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