We all know Natural Oudh oil, from various species of Oudh trees as a very complex, mysterious , sensual and exotic fragrance.

Oudh is known by many other names due to its widespread use, as Agarwood, Gaharu (Indonesia), Eaglewood, Jinkoh( Japan), OUD,OOD, UD(Arabic) etc.

Natural Oudh oil odour has various facets , which is what makes it , one of the most unique and complex perfumes in the fragrance world.

We all know that the many beautiful scents are connected to nature and to living things like vegetation and biodiversity and the scent of OUDH is one of them.

The scent of OUDH, like other flowers/ plants like Rose, Jasmine, Tuberose , Sandalwood, etc. gives us a sense of other living beings and the complexity of nature.

It is a most desired perfume , not only in the Arabic world, but by many more. Agarwood/Oudh, tree is almost odourless by itself, until a fungus invades the wood and the tree produces as a immune response, a dark resin , which contains the fascinating OUDH odour. The majorly fungus infected tree is a the source of natural OUDH oil.

But we all know, that natural OUDH oil, comes from OUDH trees, and the demand for OUDH fragrance , far exceeds supply. With the result , this would make cutting so many OUDH /Agarwood trees, an endangered species and environmentally unacceptable.

Same with burning the wood of Oudh trees, as incense, which again gives a beautiful aroma. But is it affordable ? At USD175 a TOLA (11.66grams approx.) or at USD 15000 per kg of natural oil, certainly not for most people.

So how do , most people enjoy, a great Oudh fragrance at reasonable affordable cost ? This is where, the perfumers of Fragrance houses, come in to picture. They can create a great Oudh fragrance in their laboratories, making it affordable for all to use as Oudh fragrance.

A few years back Multiflora created BLACK OOD NO. 3, which became a runaway success, over a period of time.

Multiflora’s BLACK OOD no. 3, is a Oriental, Gorgeous, elegant, warm, sensual, and of course ,a mysterious , OUDH odour, desired by OUDH type Fragrance Manufacturers.

But like , we already know, that OUDH is a very complex and Mysterious odour. There are aspects of OUDH odour, which are still unexplored.

So, we have now recently launched , a very prestigious OUDH type fragrance , now called , ICEOUDH.ICEOUDH, as the name suggests, is a no doubt , a very complex OUDH fragrance, but it also brings out , some aspects of Oudh fragrance, which are cooling, soothing in nature.
ICEOUDH , though smelling like OUDH, brings out the hidden dried fruit and floral aspects of Oudh fragrance .

The very complexity, of OUDH fragrance , makes ,ICEOUDH fragrance , very desirable and a new OUDH type odour, which we recommend , a must try, for all OUDH type Fragrance Manufacturers.

So we say , after our BLACK OOD NO.3, the great OUDH experience continues with our very new ICEOUDH.

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